Bitcoin halved? Your big chance to make money
By now you have inevitably heard of bitcoin.But do you know how the bitcoin halving event just passed will affect the price of bitcoin? Due to the uncertainty of the international environment and the fierce competition between the long and short sides, price fluctuations will be more unpredictable than the 2017 to 2018 bull market. There are more ways to make money from cryptocurrencies than just buying and holding cryptocurrencies, and bitcoin contracts supplement a method of making money, which many people say is the best time to accumulate bitcoin. But for the master traders, through leveraged contract trading, they can get higher returns.

How do you seize the opportunity--choose the right exchange and start acting!
Satoshi Nakamoto himself said that 20 years after he created the Bitcoin blockchain, there would either be massive transaction volume for bitcoin on a daily basis, or there would be no trading volume at all. The price of Bitcoi…

Peking University Professor: Blockchain is a new type of production relationship that solves the difficulty of data sharing in the Internet production relationship.

On March 31, Professor Huang Yi of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Peking University published an article entitled "Unleashing the Value of Data and Enjoying a Smart Life (Open Book)," the article pointed out that in the digital economy and digital society, data is a new type of production material Cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and 5G are new production tools, artificial intelligence is a new type of productivity, and blockchain is a new type of production relationship that solves the difficulty of open sharing of data in Internet production relationships.

Sina and Wuliangye “cloud signing” will carry out in-depth cooperation in cutting-edge technology applications such as blockchain

According to the Securities Daily website, on March 30, Sina and Wuliangye strategically signed a contract to host a "cloud launch", and the two parties announced that they would conduct in-depth cooperation in brand building, new media smart marketing, and blockchain front-end technology applications. Wuliangye Chairman Li Shuguang said that digital marketing is the unwavering direction of Wuliangye's marketing transformation. The strategic cooperation with Sina will set up a new model in areas such as consumer services, new media smart marketing, and blockchain advanced technology applications. The value discovery of famous wines provides a new platform. The launch of the Baijiu blockchain project is a new initiative to open up the online market, and it is a new empowerment for Sina to innovate the marketing model of Chinese liquor.

Zhu Jiaming: Digital currency has become an important factor in understanding the modern economy

According to the headline news, Zhu Jiaming, Chairman of the Academic and Technical Committee of the Digital Asset Research Institute, pointed out at a digital currency related seminar recently that digital currency has become an extremely important factor in understanding the modern economy, whether it is macroeconomics or microeconomics. Element, we must not underestimate the real and long-term impact of digital currency on the original monetary theory and the real economy. In this regard, mainstream economists in the world are underestimated. Take monetary policy as an example. Since 2008, the influence of loose monetary policy on the macro economy has been weak, and even low interest rates have been ineffective in stimulating the economy. After the worldwide spread of the new crown virus began, the failure of monetary policy became even more pronounced. This is a very noteworthy historical phenomenon.

Webster's Rating: Crypto economy is still booming, not affected by chaos in the financial system

Crypto rating agency Webster Ratings tweeted today that if central banks around the world do not collaborate to issue trillions of dollars of new currency, this legacy system cannot be maintained, isn't it crazy? At the same time, despite the economic collapse, the crypto economy is still booming and is not affected by the chaos of the dying financial system.

China Finance: Blockchain Technology Can Realize the Vision of Open Banking

On March 27, China Finance published an article "Blockchain Technology and the Construction of Open Banks". The article points out that open banking is becoming a new trend in the development of the world and domestic banking industry, showing a trend of controversy. During the digital transformation, major domestic banks have also formulated an open banking strategy, actively embraced openness, and intended to build an open, shared, and win-win ecosystem, and provide customers with "ubiquitous, meticulous" banking services. However, the core of open banking is open data. How to use technology to achieve a safe and controllable shared exchange of data among all parties under the premise of regulatory compliance has presented severe challenges to large commercial banks, small and medium banks, and third-party service providers It is also a major problem that open banks need to solve urgently. Blockchain technology naturally has a variety of features such as distribu…

Messari product owner: By the end of this economic crisis, Bitcoin's dominance will rise to more than 90%

Qiao Wang, product leader of encrypted data statistics website Messari, tweeted that no matter what standard I measure, I am not an extremist, but I am fully confident that by the end of this economic crisis, Bitcoin's dominance will rise to More than 90. During this recession cycle, I don't see any actual demand for altcoins at all. Bitcoin is to altcoins, just like the US dollar is to emerging market currencies, except that the Bitcoin Open Miners Committee cannot unilaterally increase supply to offset the relative increase in demand.